Agile Adoption

We believe that all organizations can benefit from Agility, but there is no single Agile approach that is applicable to all organizations.

We help organizations to Adopt Agile proesses within the constraints of the prevailing context.

We do not impose a methodology.

However, we advocate the underlying principles of: Scrum, DSDM and XP; extended with experience from other Agile and Lean processes.

Agile Program and Project Management

Managing IT projects is difficult. Internal and external pressures, dispersed skills and stakeholders, frequently pulling you in different directions. 

When we throw in: dynamic requirements, high expectations, tight budgets and time restrictions; what is needed is a transparent process to provide structure and control that’s flexible enough to handle evolving requirements.

Based upon Agile principles, extrapolated to a strategic and Lean Project Management, Gira Solutions enables those projects to be delivered in the best time, with high value functioning features, to a high quality.

People, Technology and Tools

At Gira Solutions we believe that technology can provide a massive advantage to any organization. However, we also believe that technology should not be an end in itself. We ensure that suitable technology solutions are equivalent to problems thus investments are fully justified by business goals, and that change has full buy-in throughout the organisation.

We also believe in people. Change cannot succeed without appropriate business process and buy-in from stakeholders and staff. We strive to work with staff and build relationships at every level within the organisation. Our aim is to be a valuable, contributing member of our customers' teams.

To obtain the best out of the people and realise their potential it is important that the correct tools are selected, implemented and used efficiently.