Gira Philosophy

Gira Solutions was formed with the belief that the generation of value is paramount for organizations. Agile concepts present a unique opportunity to develop value. Agile technology solutions are not limited to IT solutions, but bound to strategic business operations and a cohesive strategic governance.

We want to aid that change process and realize the success that can be achieved by creating environments capable of successfully delivering change through the implementation of robust, high-quality systems.

We're ready, are you?

Increase Value - Align Business needs with IT Systems

Our professionals with experience in a range of organizations, work with our clients, within their business context, to develop the most appropriate strategic solutions to align IT with the needs of the business.

Using the client's Strategic Vision, opportunities can be identified through the use of Information Technology and solutions can be designed to enable value to be added.

Through Enterprise Governance processes, and utilizing people and collaborative Change Management programs, we can implement those solutions.

Technical Systems aligned to business needs will maximize the Value from technology investment.

Business and IT strategy alignment can be enabled by:
  • Opportunity and Value identification

  • Driving Innovation

  • Technology Strategy formation

  • Aligned Objectives and goals
Product Delivery is difficult, to facilitate this we offer: 

  • Agile Adoption

  • Enabling Change

  • Programme and Project Management

  • People, Technology and Tools
Skills development and Learning can be specifically tailored by:

  • Personalized and Collaborative Hands-On working

  • Agile Learning and Coaching

  • Realize your Potential

  • Ensuring your Future