Ensuring Your Future

For the transition process we utilize an Agile approach which builds on the value and understanding from successive increments. This allows stakeholders to evaluate the benefits and constrains within the particular organizational context; introducing change where necessary, prioritizing effort and focusing on tangible benefits.

  • Incremental change program
  • Involvement of your whole team
  • Effective evolution of the process
  • Comprehensive understanding by all

Gira Solutions can support organizations beyond an Agile transition to fully achieve their full potential through incremental and continuous improvement.

Realising your Potential

Our consultancy services provide you with the skills and insight necessary to realize your true potential. By understanding, refining and embracing Agile and innovative methodologies, we will aid the transition to a problem-solving enterprise.

Our focus is on providing support for your people and their leadership. Using established and responsive definition and adoption, and the hands-on development of your skills and experience, you will be self-sufficient in the optimum timeframe.

Agile Learning

Agile Adoption is a process not a course. However, our approach reflects Agile learning needs, and is tailored to address the interests, concerns and constrains of your organization.

  • Introduction to Agile and/or Agile Methodologies
  • Role-based training and workshops: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Team Members, Coaches.
  • Agile team leadership: The 360 view
  • Product Owner: Customer and stakeholder engagement

Gira Solutions has a proven track record initiating and implementing a successful transition to Agile.

Hands-On Personal Development

People are the most important organisational resource, and Training is a key element in the development of skills and competancies. However, training is not the answer alone.

Our approach is to build experience through support for hands-on project work. This means that a wide range of your staff are involved at a deep level and will result in having a more comprehensive understanding of the process, its objectives and values than if training courses alone were used.

Through coaching, mentoring and tutoring, in combination with formal learning, each staff member contributes and fulfills their own personal potential.